All-on-Four Dental Implants on the Main Line by Dr. James Vito, DMD




At our scientific and technologically modern dental office on Lancaster Ave in Wayne, PA Dr. Vito and his team focus on creating the beautiful smile you envision and supporting the absolute best in oral health for his valued patients. Part of this commitment involves offering the latest in sophisticated treatments that can improve the function and quality of life for his clients, regardless of their current oral health condition. One such procedure that is available is the All-on-Four Dental Implant Hybrid Bridge.

Instead of traditional dentures that can be uncomfortable, slip out of place, affect speech patterns, prevent you from enjoying life and your favorite meals the All-on-Four Implant Hybrid Bridge eliminates the shortcomings of regular dentures and provides patients with a firm bite, an attractive smile and minimal maintenance. This is accomplished by implanting five to six dental implants in each jaw that act as anchors for the Implant Hybrid Bridge restoration. The dental implants hold the Implant Hybrid Restoration more securely than traditional dentures that rests on the gum tissues. This then allows his patients to eat, function and smile with confidence and pride that they could not do before with their existing dentures.

How Does All-on-Four Work?

First, Dr. James Vito will conduct a comprehensive consultation and take a CBCT (3D) x-ray to ensure that you are a viable candidate for the process. If not, Dr. Vito will suggest one of several bone augmentation procedures to make you a viable candidate.  Technology and science have caught up with almost any dental problem a patient can present with. 

Next, Dr. Vito plans with his dental lab the color, size and position of your new teeth. This allows Dr. Vito to then surgical plan where to place the dental implants based upon where your new teeth will be positioned on your jaw.  There are several fitting appointments to fit your new teeth to make sure you are happy with the size, shape and color of the new teeth.

Once you are satisfied with this tooth set up, you will be scheduled to surgically place the dental implants. Dental implants are titanium screws designed to replace your missing natural teeth and are anchored into your jaw bone.

At the same appointment, once the dental implants are surgically placed, impressions are made to connect (screw) your new acrylic laboratory fabricated teeth to your implants. After a six month healing process a new all porcelain screw retained implant supported denture hybrid restoration is fabricated to give you the smiles of your dreams that is esthetic, functional and durable and where you function and take care of them like your own teeth.

This process is efficient and when done results in a better quality of life as most of the drawbacks related to traditional dentures are eliminated. Patients can now eat, speak and function with confidence and take pride in their new smile.  The best part of this process your new teeth do not come out.

If you live on the Main Line or in the Wayne, PA area and would like more information on All-on-Four dental implant supported prosthesis, contact Dr. James Vito or his friendly staff to schedule a consultation.




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