Botox in Dentistry

Botox in Dentistry – Compliment Your Dental Procedure with Injectables

Philadelphia, Wayne, PA and Main Line dentist, Dr. Vito, is one of a handful of dentists performing BOTOX and DERMAL FILLER procedures. Dr. Vito was one of the first dentists to do these procedures on the Main Line and has been performing Botox and dermal procedures on his patients since 2007.

Dental Botox Injections

Botox can be used to compliment your dental procedures by minimizing crows feet, lines in the forehead and the “11’s” that form between the eyes while also helping to and improving your youthful skin appearance. A growing number of dentists are now providing injections for their patients for both oral and maxillofacial cosmetic and therapeutic use.

Dr. Vito routinely utilizes Botox to enhance the aesthetics of his patients new smiles by smoothing out the skin around the eyes and mouth. For patients who feel they have a “Gummy Smile” Botox can help reduce the “Gummy Display” showing a proportionate amount of tooth and gum.

Botox can be used for a variety of dental and medical reasons:

-Severe and uncontrollable clenching and/or grinding of the teeth
-Gummy smiles related to an overly recessive upper lip
-Upside-down smiles
-Chronic migraine and other headache pain related to muscle tension in the face, head and neck
-And more!

Botox Cosmetics has a long, safe and successful history in medicine for well over twenty years. The mechanism of action is that Botox blocks the transmission of a signal to the muscle injected. Once blocked, the muscle cannot contract.

Because the muscle is not allowed to contract, the skin in this area begins to smooth out. Botox does not alter the feeling or sensation of the area injected. The effects of Botox are seen after three to ten days and lasts approximately three to four months after which time the procedure will need to be repeated.

How long does it take to perform?

The Botox procedure typically takes 15-30 minutes to perform.

What areas are injected?

The typical areas that are injected are the forehead, between the eyes, corner of the eyes and around the lips.

Dr. Vito will review your medical and dental history to determine if Botox is a viable option for you.

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Dental Botox Injections - Before and After

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