Dental X-Ray Unit

ICAT x-ray unit 

A revolutionary in office three dimensional x-ray( CT Scanner) that allows Dr. Vito and his staff to evaluate your jaw(s) in three dimensions. This offers Dr. Vito the opportunity to evaluate the width, height and density of your jaw prior to dental implant surgery. We can also evaluate problems with your teeth that may not be obvious on conventional x-rays such as cracks in your teeth, root canal problems or growths.

With additional soft ware Dr. Vito can place the dental implants and show you what your completed case will look like. Click on the link below to see how this technology works


Dental Surgical Unit

Piezo Surgical Unit

The Piezosurgery has been developed to overcome the limits of precision and intraoperatory safety existing in traditional bone cutting instruments. Piezosurgery allows Dr. Vito to obtain high predictability and low morbidity in bone surgery.


Dental Laser Unit

Dental Laser

Dr. Vito uses the SiroLaser - the leading soft tissue laser in the industry

What is a soft tissue laser? A laser is an instrument that uses light energy to perform procedures. Using short controlled bursts of light that are not detectable by the human nervous system, the SiroLaser allows Dr. Vito to carry out otherwise painful surgeries with much less pain at the expense of the patient.

Why do we use a laser over other instruments? Dr. Vito prefers the SiroLaser because of the precise control that it offers and the comfort it provide to patients when Dr. Vito needs to do any work around the gum tissue.

What procedures can a soft tissue laser be used for?

  • Removing or reshaping gum tissue (gingivectomy)
  • Clipping muscle attachments (frenectomy)
  • Removing soft tissue growths (Fibroma removals)
  • Removing swollen tissues (gingivoplasty)
  • Adjunct during gum surgery

If you have any questions or concerns about our technology please feel free to give us a call at 610-971-2590.

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