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Philadelphia and Main Line Prosthodontist, Dr. James Vito has been restoring smiles since 1987. A Prosthodontist is a specialist who is trained in the diagnosis and treatment of decayed and missing teeth (teeth replacement). Dr. James Vito received his specialty training in Periodontal Prosthesis-Fixed Prosthodontics from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.

He established his Cosmetic and Prosthodontic practice in Wayne, PA in 1999. Dr. James Vito has been consistently recognized since 2000 as one of the Best Adult Dentists, Best Cosmetic Dentists, and Best Prosthodontists on the Main Line as voted by his Peers, Colleagues, and Patients in Philadelphia Magazine, Main Line Today Magazine, Suburban Life Magazine, Suburban Times, and Main Line Times Newspapers.

If you are experiencing a decayed tooth, fractured tooth or missing teeth, speaking with an educated and exceptionally experienced Prosthodontist is your best option.

Bridge and Crown Procedure

Experience saved, preserved, and strengthened teeth with your prosthodontic treatment!



Dental Problems: Fractured Tooth, Failing Restoration

Wayne, PA Prosthodontics

Dental Solution: Dental Crowns (Crown Restoration)

What are Crowns?

Crowns are a complex restoration utilized in prosthetic treatment when no other simpler restoration can be utilized to save, preserve, or strengthen a tooth. Dental crowns can be made one of three ways: all gold, a gold base with a porcelain covering so it looks like a real tooth, or an all porcelain crown. Here again, as with the other restorations discussed to this point, all have a specific place in restorative dentistry depending upon the functional and aesthetic demands of the prosthodontics patient.

All gold crowns are used on posterior teeth of patients that are heavy grinders and who show evidence of extensive wear on their teeth.

Porcelain applied to gold crowns are for areas with low to moderate functional demands and in areas where there is a high aesthetic demand. NOTE: Some offices utilize economic base metals rather than gold. The disadvantage of the base metals is that they will begin to tarnish and corrode after a short period of time. This will result in poor tissue health, which may lead to bone loss and tooth decay. The base metals will not give the true color of porcelain selected for your crown restoration and results in a less than natural appearance.

All porcelain crowns are composed of 100% porcelain. They are used in areas of low function demand and high aesthetic requirements.

Dental crowns, when done correctly, provide many years of service, are virtually undetectable, and represent the ultimate in dental restorations and prosthodontics.

Crowns on Front Teeth Before and After

Prosthodontics Examples


Prosthodontics Before and After

Dental Problem: Missing Teeth

Missing teeth, whether single or multiple, can not only destroy the aesthetics of your smile, but may also cause drifting, twisting, and eruption of the teeth. This will cause a disruption of how the teeth come together, which results in difficulty in eating and speaking as well as increasing your chances of possibly developing periodontal disease and TMJ (Tempro Mandibular Joint) symptoms.

Dental Solutions: Dental Bridge Procedure and/or Dental Implant Restoration | Teeth Replacement

Fixed bridgework is a prosthetic treatment consisting of a series of single porcelain to gold crowns joined together to bridge a gap. Fixed bridgework utilizes the teeth on either side of the space for anchorage, while providing support for the crowns replacing the missing teeth. The bridge is then permanently inserted/cemented as one piece.

Prosthodontic treatment utilizing fixed bridgework allows us to restore the health, function, phonetics, and aesthetics of your smile by utilizing your natural teeth, implants, or a combination of natural teeth and implants.

Learn more about Implant Dentistry and the Dental Implant Procedure.

Dental Bridgework Before and After

Dental Bridge Before and After


Dental Bridge Before and After

Dental Bridge Before and After

Teeth by Tonight™

This is a process developed by Dr. Vito and is utilized throughout the country. Utilizing your teeth and or dental implants, Dr. Vito can convert a mutilated dentition and in the same day provide his patients with an envious smile that is functional, healthy, and beautiful. This process can also be applied to those individuals that are missing some or all their teeth, or patients who cannot wear their removable appliances anymore either due to poor fit, lack of bone support, or for those who no longer want to wear anything removable. Dr. Vito can replace the missing teeth with dental implants and restore the dental implants the same day. This process allows us to give you a smile that is not only beautiful, but healthy and functional as well.

Teeth by Tonight Before and After

Teeth By Tonight Before and After


Teeth By Tonight Before and After

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