Philadelphia and Main Line dentist, Dr. Vito is one of a handful of dentists performing BOTOX and DERMAL FILLER procedures. Dr. Vito was one of the first dentists doing these procedures on the Main Line and has been performing Botox and dermal procedures on his patients since 2007.

Botox Cosmetics has a long, safe and successfully history in medicine for well over twenty years.The mechanism of action is that Botox blocks the transmission of a signal to the muscle injected. Once blocked ,the muscle can not contract.

Because the muscle is not allowed to contract, the skin in this area begins to smooth out. Botox does not alter the feeling or sensation of the area injected. The effects of Botox are seen after three to ten days and lasts approximately three to four months after which time the procedure will need to be repeated.

Botox before and after

Before and After Botox

Before and After Botox

The Botox procedure typically takes 15 to 30 minutes to perform.

The typical areas that are injected are the forehead, between the eyes, corner of the eyes and around the lips.

Dr. Vito routinely utilizes Botox to enhance the aesthetics of his patients new smiles by smoothing out the skin around the eyes and mouth.

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